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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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While this non-cultural approach has its value, it does have its limitation. Many people today, particularly in the West, have rejected the cultural side of spiritual teachings, not to transcend culture but to remain immersed in materialistic or intellectual cultural patterns which are contrary to the spiritual path. They have not taken up a spiritual culture, like the study of yogic teachings, chanting, ritual, spiritual art, but instead have continued with the popular culture of entertainment or an intellectual culture of art and science. Some people in India are following this trend as well.

It is important that we recognize the nature of the culture we surround ourselves with and are clear as its values and how they affect us. While we can apply spiritual teachings outside of any particular cultural context this does require that we ignore the culture we follow. We cannot graft spiritual teachings onto a non-spiritual culture and life-style and expect them to work. Nor do we need to reject the cultural side of spiritual teachings when it may be useful in enriching our lives.

We are all surrounded by culture, the collective culture we live in and the personal culture created by our daily activities. Culture is our environment and life-style which determines our nature and consciousness on a subtle level. We are all creators of culture both for ourselves and for the world. The culture we create is the forms and actions we follow and thereby allow to spread. Our culture is the food we eat, how we exercise, the entertainment we seek, the programs we watch, the books we read, our meditations, and all else that we do.


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