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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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Religion and Belief

Religion as generally known in the Western world is defined rather neatly, but perhaps simplistically, by belief-oriented religions - particularly Christianity and Islam - as Judaism is more a culture than a belief. Such religions identify religion with belief in One God, one primary representative of him, and one book of revelation for him. The right belief is said to bring about salvation. The wrong belief is thought to be the worst of all sins and bring about damnation. Such religions are trying to convert the entire world to their belief, which conversion they view as salvation for humanity.

While such monolithic belief systems can state their beliefs in clear and uncomplicated terms, they often sound more like slogans or stereotypes - absolute statements that appeal to an emotional need for certainty and security but fail to deal with the complexity of life itself. Is Truth really that simplistic or have we narrowed it down according to our own bias which, however well intentioned, falls short of what life in its abundance really is?

Why should God have only one Son when all things come from Him? Why should there be a final prophet when there were previous prophets, and while the capacity of spiritual knowledge can be found in all people? Why should God only be addressed in the masculine tense when the infinite must be beyond sexual characteristics and possesses as many feminine as masculine qualities? Why should there be only one bible or religious book when any number of books on other subjects are possible?


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