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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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It is important therefore that we are conscious creators of culture and not just mechanically or passively follow the cultural influences around us, which in the modern world are generally negative to deeper spiritual values. Different spiritual traditions have created different cultures. Yet of the world's cultures, the richest and most spiritual is probably that of India, which has placed the greatest emphasis on spiritual realization. This is the culture of Yoga, the culture of the Dharma.

The culture of the Dharma is the richest of all cultures because it is a universal culture. It is the civilization of the cosmic mind which transcends all the limitations of mere human social structures. It includes systems of physical, mental, and spiritual culture. It contains art, music, poetry, philosophy, medicine, and astrology. It provides a rich field in which all parts of our being can grow toward the light. While this spiritual culture has entered into the general culture of India, it has a purity and elevation that remains above any mass culture, which tends to limit, stereotype or distort it.

Many of us today practice certain spiritual teachings but remain otherwise immersed in a materialistic cultural matrix. This is true not only of Westerners but of Hindus, particularly those who reside in the West. The general cultural field in which most people live, modern technological and pop culture, consists of mass media influences and various scientific developments. There is the general intellectual climate, the books or trends which are popular, and the major political and social movements of the day. Many of us are identified with these and follow their activities. In this process we may be coming under the influence of their values, which may be contrary to any spiritual practices.


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