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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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The spiritual life exists beyond the names and forms of objective and material existence and their limitations. Dharma is not a mere name but the indicator of this Eternal Truth behind the name and form. In Sanatana Dharma or the Universal Truth it is not name and form, which being limited cannot be universal, that is emphasized, but the underlying reality which transcends all appearances. The name or form of one's spiritual practice is not what matters, but our real character, who we really are, and what we are actually doing in life, our daily activity.

It doesn't matter if we are called pious according to one religious authority or excommunicated by another. The real issue is whether we are introducing a greater consciousness into the world through how we live. Whatever name or form one may look up to in religion is not of ultimate significance but how the name and form is used to approach the Inner Reality. If concentrating on God in the form of a monkey aids in preparing the mind for meditation, such a monkey is a great dharma, a great truth. On the other hand, if the idea of God encourages only dogmatism and sectarianism, such a God is an obstacle to our spiritual life that must be cast aside.

In this regard it is more important to recognize God in the world, in Nature, in human beings, and in oneself, than to worship God beyond the world, apart from other people, apart from Nature and ourselves. If we can't recognize the immanent Divine, the Divine within us and within the world, we are not even entitled to talk about the Transcendent. If we can't perceive the Dharma we cannot find That which is beyond all laws and limitations.


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