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While Europe adapted the religious systems of the Middle East it retained its own more richer mythology than these more legalistic religions. That mythology has much in common with the Vedic. It was not only the Greeks who based their culture on the worship of the Sun of inspiration Apollo, the Vedas worship him similarly as Savitar. Our ancient European ancestors like the older Hindu culture with which they were related, had their own religious beliefs. These were originally quite exalted and aligned with profound occult and yogic teachings, though they may have degenerated in time. We find remnants of these in the myths and legends of pre-Christian Europe. 

Hence Vedic culture represents an older side of our own western culture. Both ancient Greece and India were highly scientific and intellectual cultures. While Greece turned the mind outward to pursue external realities, India directed its attention within. Yet we find in both the same profound sense of reason, logic, order, harmony, experimentation and experience. We also find a minority in Greece who followed a spiritual view like in India, such as the pre-Socratics Heraclitus and Parmenides, even much in Plato himself. Similarly we find a minority in India, the Charavakas, who developed a materialistic and scientific view of the world much like the Greeks and rejected all religion as illusion and deception. Ancient India also had republics for a time, like that of ancient Greece. 

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