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Vishnu Mayam Jagat
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Tirusingavelkundram - Navanarasimha Aalayam

This holy antique kshetra has several awesome features that make the listeners spell-bound, and viewers gape and gaze for ever, for, it is here the images of Navanarasimhas are worshipped in imposing temples; it is here found the same pillar from which emerged Narasimhaswamy for dustasamhara; it is here lies the same tank filled with the blood of Hiianyakasipu, now going by the name of Rakta Kundam; it is in this holy place Lord Narasimha gave a certain Srinivasacharya Sanyasa to make him the 1st pontiff of Visistadwaithapeeta that has been propagating the most easiest tenets - prapathi and bhakthi; it is this holy kshetra called Panchakrosa Tirtha; it is this holy place visited by the world renowned Vaggeyakara Annamacharya and composed marvellous lyrics in praise of Lord Narasimha; it is this sacred region reverentially called Singavel Kundram by Alwars; it is here the redoubtable Vaishnava matapravakta Ramanuja Charya stayed and codified sacred books; it is to these temples royal dynasties, like Vijayanagara, Kondaveeti, Chalukyas, Kakatiyas etc. made liberal donations; it is here the head quarters of Vaishnav Mutt Ahobala peetha is located and functioning; it is here Narasimha was wood, and wedded to a Chenchu damsel called locally Che ncheeta; it is here a certain courtesan realized the gravity of her sin with a single sight of the Lord and opened a pious chapter in life, and spent her wealth to construction purposes; it is here the Kakatiya King Prataparudra was taught by lord Narasimha himself the oneness of Siva & Vishnu; it is this kshetra called the middle place of Adi Sesha, lying in the form of gigantic hills stretching from Kurnool to Chittoor, it is to this sacred places Vaishnava saint-singers, like Nammalwar, Yerialwar, Tirumangai Alwar paid visits to worship the Lord Narasimha and equated him with Srimannarayana; and it is the seat of Vidyapitha for the prospective jeers, who are held in high esteem and carrying on several humanitarian activities and spiritual ministrations.

Abounding in many more such wonders and powers, this Narasimhakshetra has been an casting irresistible attraction on Vaishnavates, since Kritayuga onwards. It is the premier of the original places of his appearance and permanent abode, where he is worshipped in his nine distinct and divergent aspects. And he is abiding in full splendour, demonstrating infinite lilas to instilling bhakthi instincts in the minds of ever erring earth and earthy mankind, stuck up in the mire pf mundane activities. Though there are 32 Narasimha kshetras in Andhra Pradesh, where Narasimhopasana is being practised, propagated, initiated, praised and displayed through several activities, functions, festivals, and the Lord is propitiated and adored with unparalleled ardor and inimitable zeal this hoary divya kshetra is deemed as the highest, holiest and mightiest due to his emergence here in that aspect, that ultimately changed itself into the Hd.Qrs. of a Mitt established by Satagopayati., who was initiated by no other that omnicompassionate Lord Narasimha.


The Navanarasimhas are not in one place, nor all emerged at one time. - These nine images are installed in separate temples scattered over an area of five Krosas, and hence the place called the Panchakrosa thirtham. And they are situated atop and at the bottom of hill; called tipper Ahobalam and Lower Ahobalam. The biggest of the shrines is located in the lower Ahobalam, where the awe-inspiring event took place. It is called l'rahaladavarada l,aklhlrll Narasimha Swamy Aalayam - the place where Ford Nardsimha blessed Prahlad. It is surrounded by three Prdkaras built on the model of Vijayanagara temples. Here there separate sannidhis for Andal and Amritavalli Tayar. As it was liberally and lavishly patronized by several ruling princes, architecture, sculpture seem vying with each other for supremacy. There is a pond called Alwar Koneru supplying drinking water to the locals. Next comes the Aalaya of Chatravata Narasimha lying at a distance of a mile and a half. The icon is surrounded by a thorny bush, and it is installed under Pipal tree, so justifies that name of Chatravata Narasimha, which means Narasimha under an umbrella; here the tree acts as natural eternal umbrella. It might perhaps served a place of rest for the Lord. There lies Bhargava Narasimhaalayam at about two kilometres to the Prahlata Varada swamy aalayam. Belief is curent that sage Bhargava is still It doing penance here. Hence the name. To witnessing the other forms, one has to ascend to the tipper Ahobalam. The distance is six miles, and the path is laid out anudst lovely colourful picturesque scenes. The Narasimha that greets on the way first is called Varanda Natasimha, and in the adjacent temple is enshrined Yogananda Narasimha icon a place where the Lord taught Yogasanas to the boy Prahlad. AM What a compassion! According to tradition, this is the fittest for mediation and here sage Gobhila did penance to be freed from sins. They realized.

Ascending further one sees two sikharas - crests called Vedadri and Garudadri. It is here lies Bhavanasani Thirtham, which flowing down into two rivulets joins Kumudwati and Pennar on the southern side lies the temple for Ilgra Narasimha. It is a beautiful temple and the image installed, true to the name reveals the fierce aspect. Adjacent to this is the Guha Narasimha Shrine. And here stands at the entrance a great pillar that received blow from Hiranyakasipu and from which emerged Lord to protect Dharma and suppress adharma. Near to it lies Karoda Narasimha shrine, where the lord reveals himself in his boar form. This form is auspicious, and if one makes Narayana Satakhsari japa followed by Varahakanda Parayana for three days. he attains immense spiritual power ,end his desires would be fulfilled. After walking a distance of two miles one reaches the aalayam of Malola Narasimha Swamy. The image is quite pleasant and reveals in Santarupa. The lord it appears, after killing the demon spent sometime here in the pleasant company of lakshmi, his consort. A little higher up is the Jwalanarasimha Aalaya, and it is said that Naasimha's fiercest anger was displayed here with which the stomach of the demon cut asunder, the final one is Pranava Naasimha situated next to this. It is Swayambhu. It is here the shakta form of worship is offered to the deity. Starting at the Lower Ahobalam, one has to reach the Upper Ahobalam to see all the images of Navanarasimhas - Prahladavarada Narasimha; Chatravata Narasimha; Karanda Narasimha; loganandanarasimha, Gulianarasimha, Krodha Narasimha, Malolanarsimha, Jwala Narasimha and finally Pavana Narasimha. All these unages have their shrines, some big and imposing. others small, vet sublime fit enough to enshrine the deity. Inspite a slight variation , nomenclature of icons they are nine number and all merciful. Many distinguished devotees belonging to class and mass are inspired and received the Lord's anugraha - their desires fulfilled. As the Lord has a preference for genuine devotion, he succor's at the right moment to the right bhakta. Illustrious realized souls sung in praise of him in many forms. For Alwars, it is their Bhuloka Vaikunta and is as sacred as Srirangam. Sri Sankarac harya in his Karavalambana Stotra equated him with the Lord of Ksheerabdhi which means Srimannarayana.

Of all the annual festivals celebrated kalyanotsav .ops the list and several kinds of prayer services are offered in addition to nityapujas in all the temples.

These temples are located in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh and there are several routes to reach it. From Nandyal, it is an hour's journey in any type of vehicle. It is about 45 kms off this town. It can be reached from Dhone, a railway station on the Hyderabad - Bangalore meter-guage line. The APSRTC and Private buses running from towns like Cuddapah, Kurnool can be pressed into service, and they, are available at all times.

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