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We can write down our failings in life or the things in our nature we wish to be corrected and offer them into such a sacred fire. This will align us with the powers of nature and the spirit to correct them. Or we can offer into the fire those higher goals and blessings we wish to bring about. It will also serve to energize them. Fire is the Divine messenger. Whatever we offer to it is taken to the Divine and comes back with the portion of Divine energy we open ourselves to. 

What makes a fire sacred is not so much a ritual but the consciousness with which we empower it, the awareness of the sacred we project in and through it. Whereas puja worships the Divine with form, homa worships the Divine without form. Fire is the symbol of the formless Divine. Whereas puja aims at the opening of the heart, homa aims at awakening the mind and consciousness. Puja is a more feminine form of worship, while homa is more masculine. 

In these pujas and homas various offerings are given not only to the Divine but to all forms of life for  universal peace and well-being. The most basic prayer is for universal peace and happiness.  "May all beings be happy, may all beings find peace", is the best prayer.  


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