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According to the ancient seers and yogis, Nature herself is the manifest form of the deity. All things in nature in their true reality are objects of worship, forms of the sacred. We live in the sacred, mysterious and magical. It is only the mind that makes things profane or devoid of spiritual meaning; our sense of familiarity which misses the uniqueness of each thing and each moment. 

Each thing is in its true nature a name and form of the Divine. It is only our utilitarian vision that makes them otherwise. For this reason the best form of worship is to take a walk or a retreat in nature. Many sacred places exist in nature and one is always accessible to us. Mother Nature is the Divine Mother and in her presence is always the uplifting of the soul. 

Originally in human culture the deities represent the great cosmic powers of nature; the sun, wind, fire and waters. These were seen not just as material forces but as Divine powers at work in the world. They also exist inside us as the forces of our body and mind, our breath and perception. Life itself is a form of worship; that is, it is a movement in transcendence, a seeking of ever greater growth and aspiration. The trees are a symbol of the opening up of the life-force to the heaven of truth. 

The flowers show the unfoldment of love, with its beauty, color and fragrance. The sky shows the expanse of the cosmic mind. The ocean shows the depth of Divine feeling. All nature is the language of God and proclaims the Divine word. It is only when we link up to the fact of the worship which is life itself that we are truly in a state of prayer, and that we are really alive at all. 


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