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As we have few real temples to protect us anymore this leaves our societies vulnerable on a subtle level to the negative forces of the subconscious and the negative effects of our wrong actions. We can judge the nature of any society by the nature of its temples or churches. However, it is not their mere number but the quality of aspiration projected through them which reveals this. It is not enough to make rich and opulent temples, though to the Divine we should offer what is most valuable to us. What is more important is that we see the Divine everywhere, that the temple is a presence we take into our whole sphere of action in society and we treat each being as sacred. 

Each house should be a temple, as worship is the natural center for human life. Hence in each house we should have some central altar, some place of meditation or prayer, enhanced perhaps by some form of the Divine or sacred object from nature, if but a flower. So too, each family should have a central form of worship like a daily chant, prayer or meditation. This need not be formal or rigid. It is the expression of the heart which is the most important thing. Without this we have no true family, no common soul, but are only a collection of separate personalities with no sacrament to link us together. There is so much truth and beauty in each one of us that it is sad we spend our times trapped in external forms of entertainment, when we should be sharing our souls with each other. Any human being we live with a divinity to be cherished. And within ourselves, above all, is the place where that Divinity is to be enshrined. For this we also need time alone so that our individual connection with the Divine is pure and direct. 


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