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We also need more formal places of worship as we no longer live in nature. The Divine presence should not be excluded from our communities. Temples are important as they provide a sacred space for the community to gather wherein our spiritual energies can be renewed. They serve as channels to bring Divine grace into the world. They become a focus for our collective aspiration. Each temple should be the meeting place for the whole community wherein we come together to share our aspiration in life. 

Temples, moreover, are not connected only with the physical nature. They are linked to nature on the astral plane. Hence they use forms of art, color, sound and incense which bring us into the presence and power of the subtle nature. They become doorways into the subtle realms of religion and spirituality. 

Temples serve to create an occult force in the world. They keep our psyche and collective mind clear and open to Divine grace. They serve as a focus to bring the energy of the sacred into our sphere of activity. As such they aid in the prevention of social calamities like crime, wars or plagues.  


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