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Mighty Atoms For Tiny Tots Lord Siva Of Sri Kalahasthi
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Asoka Priyadarsin The Mother Of Melmaruvathur And Her Miracles
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The Temples Of Tamilnadu Hindu Ethos In Capsules - Vol I

Hindu Ethos In Capsules - Vol II

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Uthuthshta Govinda Cum Jo Jo Mukunda The Miracles Of Gods For The Debacles Of Humans
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Introduction about Author K.K.Moorthy.


Bound by swaying palms and lazy lagoons, Kerala - the holy Parasurama kshetra Enshrines scores of Bhagavannilayas, the citadels of our Sanathana Dharma.




This is Kerala - the land of Parasurama. Here greets our eyes the spiritualism of a kind rare and ritualism of type unique, that exhilarate even the highly evolved souls and wring rich tributes.


Thiruvananthapuram. What a sonorous name! How mellifluous are its syllables!! What an enchantment its cats!!! Listen to the measured flow of its liquid cadences.


Bhagawathi Of Chengannur

Aranmula Parthasarathi

"Inscrutable are the ways of God..", Exclaims the seer in ecstatic rapture;


That ineffable charm of Balagopala, whose boyhood sports and mischievous pranks reverberating the Mathura Mandalam Gokulam,


Ambalapuzha Krishna


Ambazhapuza! How musical! vocalists thrilled by its sweet cadences filling their frames turn oblivious before letting out melodies through their god gifted throats,


Come November, begins then the Mandalapuja! There goes up then crescendo after crescendo of the resonant cadences of the holy name of Ayyappa,


Lord Siva Of Ettamanur

Annadana Prabhu Of Vaikom

Erring is common for humans. An axiomatic truth. No comments. But forgiving,


"Vaikom! Vaikom! Vaikom! Vaikom for Harijans!! Parameswar darsan for Panchamas!!!! The citadel of Brahmanism shattered!!!!!"


Mother Raja Rajeswari Of Chottanikara

Mother Kali Of Kodungallur

"We don't negate God, but want proof tangible", argues the scientist, if theism turns up in conversation by accident.


The office of Brahma is accorded the first and highest importance,



Sri Rama's Temple - Triprayar

A temple for Bharat? Incredible! Impossible!! Unheard of!!! Sure, unimaginable in this materialistic modern world,


This celestial celebrity born as an illustrious son to that distinguished Dasaratha left behind a priceless legacy in the form of virtue,


Sri Vadakkunathan Of Trichur


Kerala, the land of swaying palms and lacy lagoons; lush green vendure and fabled Kathakali is the gift of that redoubtable Parasurama,


Guruvayur, a household shrine in Kerala, and a sublime haven for Narayanopasana is a popular Punya Kshetra of global significance.


The Kozhikode Tali....

Tiruvil Wamala....

The faculty of creativity manifests itself in myriad forms and multitudinous ways, creating a wide variety of artistes Kalaradhakas.


Rare is the unity in fraternity; rarer is the reciprocal equality in fraternity and rarest is the divinity in fraternity,


Lord Raja Rajeswara Of Taliparamba

Lord Krishna Of Trichmbram

Just think of the Lord of Mount Kailas, uttering either by the plain disyllabic word like ISA,


Temple traditions are many and varied. They are not uniform, nor do they change with the march of time.


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