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Vishnu Mayam Jagat
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Khaadri - Lakshminarasimha Swamy Aalayam 

The legendary significance of this sacred shrine dates back to Tretayuga, and according to local version, the presiding deity Narasimhaswamy in His terrific aspect - Vugrarupa chose to settle down here after killing Hirdnyakasipu. There are two more versions signifying the glory of this kshetra. In the dim p9st, there was a tree called nadira in this place and the Lord revealed His Narasimharupa to a devotee, who did penance under it for years and so Khadiri says another version. According to third legend, the place Khadiri derived its name from a. hill bearing the imprint of Sri Mahavishnu 'Kha' stands for the foot of Vishnu and 'adri' mean hill. When combined it becomes Khadiri and means a hill having the foot prints of Mahavishnu. Thus sanctified, this region has been luring the ardent theists since Tretayuga in an unending streams, who offer prayers after crossing the hurdles set up by the Satanic forces.

The Temple Complex 

The temple built in the heart of the town occupies a vast space with a broad compound wall housing several adorable deities in beautifully built pavilions. There are four entrances with modest sized towers over them. 1h~ eastern gate, said to have been built by Harihararaya is the main entrance and it is broad and sculpturally attractive. The other essential' parts, like garbhagriha, antarala, mukha mandapam are elegantly built. The visitors greet Anjaneyaswamy first on entering through the main gate. The image of the Presiding deity in the Veerasana posture is installed on a high lotus shaped dias. He reveals Himself in fearful aspect adorned with eight hands, holding the powerful weapons, like Sudarasan Chakra, Conch besides the demon king Hiranyakasipu in His mighty hands. Just behind the icon there are two more adorable images - Prahlad and Anjaneya in standing posture. The garbhagriha is beautified with a grand Vimana and the images of four lions at the corners. There is another icon in a separate grand mandir, revealing with four hands and Mother Maha Lakshmi seated on His left lap. And this Lord is called, Prahladaanugrahamurthy. Yet there is one more well-built grand mandir with all essential parts for Mother Lakshmi, possessing four hands adorning with flowers in the upper hands and the Abhayamudra and Varadamudra in the lower hands. It lies to the north of the main mandir and faces east.

The sacred pond lying behind the mandir going by the name of Brighu maharshi thirtha is said to have been dug by him. 'Me locals extol the glory of the tank and its water, concluding that the Utsava vigrahas were found buried and were taken out during the digging operations. There is one more pond in the vicinity called Palabavi, on account of the milky white water it is containing.

The car festival falls in Phalguna masa corresponding to Feb-March and lures lakes of devotees. And it is unique in several aspects, the chief amongst them is the traditional prayers offered first in the Alamkhan Masjid situated in the central part of the town, before the car is drawn. Indeed, it is establishing the much. covetable religious harmony between Muslims and Hindus. A highly commendable tradition deserving to be emulated everywhere. During the procession of the Utsavamurtis in the car, there is another tradition of throwing, lepper, salt and coins over the car. And the belief is current that they cure the acute diseases if collected and chewed then. Beliefs are there existing as many as there are faiths.

This sacred kshetra lies in Kadiri, the taluq headquarters of the same name in the Anantapur district of AT and is accessible by bus and train.


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