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What is the Current Trend of World Civilization?

We live in an age dominated by economic development via technology. This movement began in Europe and America in the nineteenth and early twentieth century with the industrial revolution and the development of rapid transportation and communication. In Asia this movement emerged mainly after World War II. The downfall of communism has given it an added impetus, though there are parts of the world it has still not reached.

The world must develop itself economically and technologically along global lines. There is no doubt about this, but it should do so in an humane and ecological manner. Those groups which promote a healthy and liberal economic development, which is yet considerate of human needs and protective of the Earth, are bound to be the most successful in the coming decades.

Unfortunately this economic age has severe excesses and imbalances, with the destruction of our environment and other forms of exploitation, which must lead to great problems for the world. Those who prosper economically not only dominate the world politically but promote their intellectual and religious views, which may be quite backwards or unenlightened, over those less affluent. Unless these excesses are dealt with properly we can expect major global difficulties through environmental changes and new diseases, not to mention the same old war, crime and terrorism.

People of spiritual insight must learn to adjust to this economic age, neither compromising their insights, nor failing to communicate with the world at large. A truly spiritual age for humanity is still far in the future, though a global economy will foster greater religious tolerance, and the development of science beyond a mechanistic and materialistic model will gradually move us in a spiritual direction. Those truly interested in the spiritual life must focus on individual realization and look beyond the limitations of the age, while yet fulfilling their social responsibility to share the spiritual teaching with the growing number who are becoming truly interested in it.

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