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Isn't this View of Western Civilization Insensitive?

Actually it is the Western account of history that is insensitive. Look at any book on world history coming from the West and you will see that it is mainly a history of modern Europe with spiritual cultures like the Hindu dismissed as of little importance, and ancient spiritual cultures like the Egyptians regarded as merely primitive.

Similarly Western books on the history of philosophy give little credit to the great experiential spiritual systems of the Hindus and Buddhists. Their history of art has little regard for the monumental spiritual traditions of countries like India, Egypt or Mexico but is mainly concerned with the personal style art of modern Europe and America which is lacking in any sense of the Eternal and the Infinite.

Western civilization itself is arrogant and does not understand the rest of civilization, which has been its largest portion historically, or the great spiritual traditions of humanity, which are the essence of civilization. Western civilization pretends that it represents civilization as a whole, when it only represents one recent trend.

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