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What is Woman's Spirituality?

Spirituality is universal, the movement toward Self-realization inherent in all beings, which is the understanding of our true nature as Infinite Awareness. Women are included in this, and if they are not such spirituality is not real. Women have the same Divine Self and spiritual potential as men. Unfortunately there has been little done to help them develop this, particularly over the last two thousand years. In fact there has been little to help men develop their spiritual potential either, particularly in the Western world.

There are somewhat different approaches and issues in regard the spiritual life for women than for men, which should be respected, but the same basic truths and teachings exist for both. There is no women's spirituality as opposed to men's spirituality, or vice versa. True women's spirituality does not merely consist of women following female gurus or worshipping female Divinities, but of women following a path of Self-realization. This requires connecting up with teachers and traditions that are based upon a real understanding of the Infinite and are not just projecting their own speculations and opinions.

Our political views should not determine or create our religion but our spiritual understanding should shape our social activity. Ultimately our true identity is not as men or women or even as human beings but as the Self of all beings. Our true happiness does not lie in material, social or political benefits - however necessary these may be in our outer lives - but in contacting our true nature which transcends time and space.

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