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Vishnu Mayam Jagat
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Dindigul - Gopinath Temple

This Bhagawan Gopinath enshrined in an unostentatious pretty little mandir atop of a hill has established certain unique traditions worthy of emulation for profit and spiritual solace. Lying in the close vicinity of National Highway with a rail head at a distance of 3 km, This temple is deemed a haven for the cow-herds and owners of milch cattle. This Lord developed an irrepressible passion for milk bath - ksheerabhishek, and if offered, blesses the milt cattle pour through their udders unexpected quantities of milk to the greatest gratification of the owners. So every day scores of milk cattle owners bring litres and litres of milk for Bhagawan's morning bath.

The priests in addition to offering of several other abhishekas like panner, curd, honey, water etc. pour liter after liter of pure thick milk brought by the owners of milk cattle. One can see an unending performance of this special offer on Saturdays in particular. Another odd tradition is - offering of small replicas of clay made cows to the deity, believing that they will be blessed with milk cattle giving huge quantities of milk certainly to and earn disproportionate profit. Such beliefs, when yield good returns, the visitation to huge crowds throughout the year is nothing uncommon. This temple is also serving as a picnic spot for several modern youngsters for their weekend programmes. Sundays see unmanageable congregations of both fun-craving youth and God-loving bhaktas. The temple is bereft of any extraordinary sculpture, nor displays architectural grandeur. The archamurti in standing posture soaked in milk gives eyeful darsan and lifts. It is a miss-not Vaishnava kshetra, of this region visited by unending streams of bhaktas.

It lies 10 km off Dindigul of Anna district of Tamil Nadu and accessible by four wheelers or train.

Dindigul - Perumal Temple 

This upcoming district headquarters town, besides gaining a covetable place on the industrial map of Tamil Nadu with its rich historical heritage boasts of scores of places of worship for gods of all denominations, as a matter of fact. Strange to see that nearly one dozen most visit-worthy shrines, like Saneswar koil, Perurnal koil, Jyoti Ramalingar koil, Anjaneyar koil, Kottai Mariamman koil, Ayyappan koil, Sri Kanyaka Parameswari koil, Abhirami koil, Adiparasakti koil, Kaliamma koil etc. are situated at the foot of the fortified little hillock lying to the west-end of the town. With several kinds of devotional programmes, each is carrying on this little town is made a Bhuloka swarga throbbing with animated spiritual life.

Of these, the Perumal koil located adjacent to the Municipal Park is quite ancient and takes pride of place among the Vaishnavalayas. It is a well-built temple with impressive architectural and sculptural adornments. It contains two prakaras and encloses in them all the essential component parts. In the garbhagriha, the Lord in standing posture, elaborately decorated gives darsan and lifts the genuine devotees. There are mini-shrines for parivaradevathas both in the inner and outer prakaras. Agamic puja offered everyday with veneration due. The annual car festival lure lakhs of people.

It lies at the foot of the fortified hillock of Dindigul town, accessible by walk or cycle rickshaws.

Dindigul - Varadarajaswamy Temple

Lying close to the railway station of the Nagalnagar area of the town, this Vaishnava temple has earned a good reputation due to patronage by the rich Sourastra - weaving community. It is also a very big temple possessing all the indispensable parts with a separate shrine for the Mother
Mahalakshmi. Recent additions of Subrahmanyaswamy koil at its rear has enhanced its splendour by drawing streams of devout Saivate bhaktas too. Regular puja is conducted with great zeal. The mulavirat is of about four feet in height and pleases the viewers by his extraordinary floral decoration.

Among the periodical festivals, the Vaikunta Eakadasi, Vilakku puja performed on Fridays in margali masa, are biggest draws and lure thousands of people. Surrounded by the dwelling houses of devout Sourastra weavers; flourishing business establishments and above all proper maintenance are its additional advantages for its ever-growing importance.

It lies near the railway junction of Dindigul town of Tamil Nadu, accessible by town bus or walk even.


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