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Women In The Sacred Laws
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On June 19, 1941, the committee submitted their report and contended that piecemeal legislation will not be beneficial to society. The time had now come, averred the committee, to attempt a codification of Hindu Law; but that it should be taken up one by one, first the Law of Succession, then the Law of Marriage and so on.

Accordingly, two bills prepared by the Government of India were published on May 30, 1942. On the recommendations of the Joint Committee, the Government of India appointed a committee for drafting the Hindu Code. The committee consisted of Dr. Dwaraka Nath Mitter, Principal J. R. Gharpure and Mr. T. R. Venkatarama Sastri, with Mr. Justice B. N. Rau, as its chairman.

They toured the country; a questionnaire was issued a large number of persons were examined and then the report was finalized on February 21, 1947. A draft of the bill to amend and codify certain sections of Hindu Law was also submitted. The Select Committee examined these and reported on August 12, 1948. The labour of all these committees blossomed into the present Hindu Code. The Hon'ble Dr. Ambedkar held a conference for discussing the provisions of the code; amendments were suggested after due discussion. The bill, as amended, was placed before the Parliament for its approval. 

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Women In The Sacred Laws
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