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Women In The Sacred Laws
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Digest On Hindu Law Espirit Des Lois
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Here the equality of son and daughter is conceded. The right to perform the Sraddha and offer oblations to the deceased and to take his wealth, go band in hand in Hindu Law. Manu says, " Let one offer Pindas and take his wealth."

According to the Vedic notion, a Purusha or person consisted of a man, his wife and progeny. Brihaspati asserts : "In Vedas, Smritis, and practice of people, a wife is considered by wise men as half the body of her husband, sharing equally the fruits of his good deeds and misdeeds. Half- body of his, which is not dead, lives. 

How then can anyone else obtain his wealth when half of his body survives?" Here we might mention the well known story of the brigand Rathakara, who later turned into Valmiki the author of the Ramayana. The story illustrates that nobody-not even the wife will share the sins of a man. This clearly goes against the injunctions of law which make a wife equal sharer of the fruits of the good deeds and misdeeds of her husband.

A father assured a comfortable position in life for his daughter by means of marriage. Sometimes he had to spend beyond his means, even incur debts. The daughter looked upon her father's family as her mainstay for support in case of any distress specially when her marriage proved to be miserable and unhappy. 

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Women In The Sacred Laws
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