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Women In The Sacred Laws
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Digest On Hindu Law Espirit Des Lois
Major Sections


The grounds on which marriage can be dissolved: +

(1) Impotency of either party at the time of marriage and if it continues.

(2) The husband keeps a concubine or the wife becoming a concubine of any other man.

(3) If one of the parties changes his or her religion.

(4) If either party is of unsound mind and continuously under treatment for a period of five years.

(5) If either party is suffering from a virulent form of lunacy.

Part II, Ch. III discusses rules to restore conjugal rights.

Judicial separation can be granted on the following grounds

(1) Desertion for at least two years.

(2) If one party is so cruel that it is not. safe for the other to live with him or her.

(3) In case of incurable venereal disease.

(4) If one party suffers from leprosy.

(5) If one has been habitually of unsound mind since the date of marriage.

(6) If one is not faithful in the above circumstances, judicial Separation is granted.

Part III, See. 52 (3) deals with adoption. See. 54 insists on the consent of the wife to the adoption of a son by the husband. t Bombay Law Reporter Vol. 53, 'The Hindu Code. 

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Women In The Sacred Laws
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