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Women In The Sacred Laws
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See. 61 terminates the widow's power to adopt and Sub-Sec. (2) declares that a widow's right to, adopt shall not revive after it has once been terminated. If a widow in a family survives her son, grandson or great and son or anyone of them, she cannot continue the line by an adoption. Adoption of a daughter is not provided for.

As for the adoptee, he must be a Hindu, not married, not already adopted and be below fifteen years. Part V deals with joint family property. The section says : "On and after the commencement of this code, no right to claim any interest in any property of an ancestor during his life-time, which is founded on the mere fact that the claimant was born in the family of the ancestor, shall be recognised in any court."

This abolishes the right by birth to any property of the family. S. 90-0 mentions the change made in the 31itakshara coparcenary : the sub-section of this section states that when a coparcener dies, his widow and daughter shall have share in the property; in the case of the widow an interest equal to that of the son, in the case of an unmarried daughter an interest equal to one half of that of the son, and in the case of a married daughter, one quarter of that of the son. Here the basic principle of joint tenancy as under stood by Mitakshara is abolished.

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Women In The Sacred Laws
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