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Women In The Sacred Laws
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Inscriptional evidence of Anuloma marriages:

The Poona Plate of Prabhavati Gupta 2 is a clear example. Prabhavati Devi was the daughter of Chandra Gupta II of the Imperial Gupta dynasty, who was not Brahmins. She was married to King Rudrasena II, a Vakataka king. The Vakatakas were Brahmins, their gotra being Vishnu Vriddha.3

Virupadevi daughter of Bukka I, king of Vijayanagara (1268.1298 A.D.) was married to Brahma, or Bomanna Odeya, a Brahmin. He was a protege of the Vijayanagara kings .4

The Ghatotkacha Cave Inscription 5 speaks of Soma, the Brahmana ancestor of Hastibhoja, minister of Vakataka King Devasena as having wives of both Brahmana and Kshatriya castes. 

The Mandasor Inscription of Yasovardhana and Vishnuvardhana, whose date is 589 of Malava Era 6 describes Ravikirti, the Brahmana ancestor of Daksha as having married Bhanu Gupta evidently of a Kshatriya caste. 

The Jodhpur Inscription of the Pratihara King Bauka dated 894 of Vikrama Era 7 shows that the ancestor of the Pratihara rulers was a Brahmana who had both a Brahmana and a Kshatriya wife. The later Pratihara Kings were the descendants of the latter. 

The Tipperah Copperplate grant of Loka Nath dated the forty-fourth year, probably of the Harsha Era, i.e., about 650 A.D. 8, says that his ancestors were Brahmins and belonged to Bharadwaja gotra (P. 306).  Lokanath maternal grandfather Kesava is described as a Paragava, while Kesava father was a Brahmin. So Kesava father, a Brahmin married a Sudra woman.


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Women In The Sacred Laws
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