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Women In The Sacred Laws
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The Dharma Sutras Contemporary Evidence
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Digest On Hindu Law Espirit Des Lois
Major Sections


Part VI deals with woman's property. S. 91 (1) says that any property acquired by a woman after the commencement of this code shall be her absolute property. See. 93 says that dowry given on the occasion or as a condition of or as a consideration for marriage shall be the property of the woman whose marriage has been solemnised.

Part VII deals with succession.

Chapter I deals with general provision in succession and Chapter II with the question of 'intestate succession to the property of a Hindu male, a Hindu woman and a hermit.' 

Here See. 117 declares that ' an unchaste wife shall be disqualified from succeeding to her husband but insists that the right of the widow to succeed to her husband  shall not be questioned on the ground of unchastity.' 

Part VIII deals with maintenance.

Part IX provides the power to make rules to carry out the objects of the code.

Schedules I and II deal with the  Acts amended and repealed respectively' and Schedule III gives the 'statutory form of notice of marriage.' Schedule IV sets out the statutory form of declaration to be made by the bridegroom and bride, who propose to contract a civil marriage. 

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Women In The Sacred Laws
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