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Awaken Bharata


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Awaken Bharata

From The River Of Heaven How I Became A Hindu
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The Decline of Real Culture

However there is not only a clash of cultures going on in the world today there is also what I would call, excusing the pun, a crash or fall of cultures. There is in fact little real culture left anywhere in the world. Media control, whether by commercial forces or by dictatorial regimes, is creating a homogenization of culture and destruction of diversity, along with a lowering of culture to mass propaganda. Today there is little refinement in spirituality, art, literature or human behavior in any country East or West.

We live in what could be called "the age of mediocrity." The culture is of the media, which means that of the machine and the masses, aiming at mass production and mass consumption, an equation from which quality is inherently excluded. Literature exists at best as information but commonly merely as profanity or propaganda. Art is largely anti-art for or simply commercial art to make more money. Spirituality is degenerating into either pop psychology for the bored and affluent or fundamentalist cults for the angry and insecure. Whether one looks at America, Europe, the Middle East, India or China, one sees a general decline of culture, whether intellectual or spiritual. Politics is becoming corrupt or superficial everywhere. No real leaders of dignity or stature stand out. Leaders aim only at staying in power and are unwilling to show any principles that might compromise their vote appeal.

Modern Western culture is obviously dominated by commercial influences, which aim at selling products, generally things that people don't really need like the many entertainment devices or fast food items. The culture has become one of violent and sensate movies and music, what is essentially a fast and narcissistic life-style emphasizing the me and the mine. 

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