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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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Taoism arose in China not India, yet there were considerable contacts between Taoism and the Indic traditions, and both arose in the Himalayan region. Buddhism and Taoism in China influenced each other considerably and often merged into a single teaching. Hinduism had contact with Taoism from a pre-Buddhist era, which was maintained through the Buddhist era.

Taoism can also be considered to be a dharmic tradition. It has its yogic and meditation practices much like the Hindu and Buddhist, as well as its tradition of occult knowledge. Like the Vedic tradition it looks back to an earlier enlightened age of humanity before what we know of as civilization began.

Like Hinduism Taoism is a religion of life and Nature that seeks to grow organically. It does not proselytize or seek converts. It has no dogma or ideology and promotes a universality of vision. Like Hinduism it has its folk religion of various Gods, Goddesses and nature spirits, with a similar form of temple worship being offered to them.

The Shinto religion of Japan, which has much in common with Taoism, and interacted with Buddhism, can similarly be regarded as part of the Eastern dharmic traditions.


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