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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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Trade between India and Europe continued throughout the Middle Ages up to the time of the Turkish invasion of Europe (the fifteenth century), which was why Columbus originally journeyed to America seeking India. Not surprisingly many of the great Christian mystics like Meister Eckhart or Hildegard of Bingen arose in the Rhineland region, noted for its trade with the East.

No doubt spiritual ideas came along with this trade. There is a possible Hindu and Vedantic influence on Christianity through the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance, where great thinkers like Marsilio Ficino mention Hindu practices with great respect. The practices of Christian mystics often have more in common with Hindu yogic practices of mantra and meditation, than with what is ordinarily regarded as Christianity.

Otherwise Hinduism and Christianity are very different in both their teachings and practices, particularly the Protestant form, which like orthodox Islam is against all images and generally anti-mystical.

Catholicism, though having a mystical and devotional side like the Hindu, has an authoritarian structure and missionary militancy quite different than the diversity of Hinduism. Naturally as long as such missionary activity is directed against Hindus, it is difficult for Hindus to respect Christianity as a spiritual path, however much they may appreciate some Christian mystics or Christ himself.


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