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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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In this respect the universal tradition must include deep questioning. Let all doubts be brought out. But let us question in order to find out what is true, not merely to refute or uphold one particular belief or another. The ultimate Truth is beyond all beliefs, theories, names and forms. It is our own nature divested of limiting concepts and conditioned thoughts.

Hinduism does not regard it important or wise for any religion to insist upon a separate identity for itself - that human beings should consider themselves to be in one religious camp or another as Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim or whatever. To do so removes a teaching from the universal and turns it into something restrictive.

Yet there is nothing wrong with the idea that our path is best, if it is accompanied by openness, tolerance and respect for the views of others who might not agree with us. It becomes a problem when it is associated with militancy and the attempt to impose one view upon others, in short when it becomes self-righteous.

Though Sanatana Dharma may not accept any exclusivity it does state that we should not reject anything. Let us accept all great teachers and teachings and integrate them together into a universal science of Self-realization. Let nothing of any real spiritual aspiration in humanity be rejected wherever it might occur.


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