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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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These religions are connected to Nature and to the Earth, and thereby are peaceful and passive. They are part of an organic unfoldment of life, and not the imposition of an ideology or dogma. They breathe the cycles of eternity and are not historical revelations. They are interwoven with the culture of the people and must be taken up as part of the whole way of life.

They aim at spiritual experience, a greater awareness of both the cosmos and oneself, which they would never reduce to a series of beliefs, and they generally believe in rebirth or reincarnation. They contain similar traditions of Yoga, shamanism, dance and chanting as the Hindu, and a knowledge of higher states of consciousness, both occult and spiritual, though not always to the same degree.  

Buddhism and Jainism primarily belong to this category, as they have an organic basis and emphasize meditational experience rather than belief (which cultural base is largely Hindu), and have a great respect for Nature and the sacredness of all life. Taoism and Shinto are entirely of the second group. Judaism contains aspects of the second group as well, as it is an organic tradition, rooted in a people and a culture, and not seeking world domination. Yet rejecting the image worship and the multiple deities of native religions, it has aspects of the first group as well. 


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