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How I Became A Hindu My Discover Of Vedic Dharma


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Journalistic Work
They emphasize not in sadhana or self-development but the need to impose their views on others. Such creeds do not have a clear understanding of karma or self-realization but hold that a mere change of belief can really transform people. The result is that they hypnotize their followers with a  belief, who then lose the power to  critically examine what they are doing or how they might be harming others. Just think of all the professional people in the world today who uncritically accept such religious dogmas as the Biblical view of creation as literally true!

Religion creates a strong psychic force, energizing the subtle bodies of its believers with powerful samskaras born of prayer, ritual and group action. This force, if compassionate in nature, can lead to a higher consciousness, but if it reflects any exclusivism or prejudice it can bring out some of the worst traits in human nature, including violence and genocide.

Religion magnifies our samskaras for good or ill. Otherwise quite balanced and sensitive people can lose all sense of objectivity when religion comes into the matter. Religious self-righteousness is perhaps the most destructive force that the human race has ever invented and continues to prey upon helpless victims all over the world.

The nature of a particular religion’s psychic force depends upon the gunas or qualities that it is based on.


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