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How I Became A Hindu My Discover Of Vedic Dharma


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From The River Of Heaven How I Became A Hindu
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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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Journalistic Work
Sattvic teachings promote love, compassion, non-violence, tolerance and a respect for different beliefs. Rajasic religions reflect a mentality of aggression and pride seeking to conquer the world for the true faith. Tamasic religions are mired in superstition, prejudice, hatred and fanaticism. If a religion has strong rajasic or tamasic elements than these will eventually come out in the psyche of its believers and lead them to destructive behavior. It can result in mob action in which people lose their reason, feeling and compassion.

Spiritual development is not a major concern in the West, where the main attention is given to the outer life. The result is that western religions are encased in darkness (tamas), persisting more as a remnant of a former age than anything creative and alive. In fact we let survive in the form of religion prejudices and superstitions what we have otherwise banished long ago (like a nave belief in miracles or fantasies of an eternal heaven and hell).

The missionary is usually a person motivated not by love of God or love of humanity, but by an intolerant belief that won’t let him rest in peace until the entire world takes to his brand of religion. Mental states born of religious exclusivity are agitated and turn into disturbed states of mind. Dogmatic religious beliefs encourage behavior on a mass level that would be neurotic or psychotic on an individual level.


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