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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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Yet it also teaches that the Divine is beyond form, is our very Self. It is the proverbial elephant which we as blind men tend to take only one part of as the whole. We find many opposites combined within its great scope.  In its tradition are many teachers, with many who have realized the Divine within their own consciousness. Usually each individual will follow their own teacher or guru rather than any standard prophet. 

The emphasis on the guru is on this direct and personal connection with the Divine. The real guru, of whom the outer teacher is only a representative, is our own inner Self. Once we are connected with our inner being we go beyond all outer teachers or teachings.  Actually Hinduism is not a religion at all in the ordinary sense of the word. It is an expression of the natural religion, the religion of life. It teaches that each of us should have our own religion. 

It encourages freedom, spontaneity and individuality in our approach to the Divine and says that religion is a private and personal, not a public and social matter--a matter of the heart, not a badge we wear or a title we take. It teaches that the individual is God--you are God. It says that whatever way we approach the Divine will not work until we recognize the Divinity within ourselves.


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