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The Religion of Truth

In reality there is only one religion, as there is only one truth. The names and forms of religions are but appearances or perhaps distortions of that one truth. It is wrong to take them too seriously or to think that any one of them could ever triumph or should ever be promoted against the others. The true religion is also not a matter of numbers. It is not important how many people join it. 

One practitioner of the truth of any great religion is worth thousands of mere followers.  What matters is how much we live up to that quality of truth which is not deceived by temporary appearances. No one can really join this universal religion or leave it. The true religion is being itself. To the extent we do not live in truth to that extent we cease to be truly religious.

To the extent we live in truth, that we see the sacred nature of all life, we fulfill all religions which have been or are to be. Religion, therefore, requires no dilemma or choice. It only requires that we be who we are and as we are, that we come from our true heart rather than seek to project an appearance or maintain some form in the outer world.


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