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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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Just as no group can dispense or rule over life, just as nobody owns the air, just as no group of artists can claim to own art, so no one can claim to possess truth or govern the religious lives of others. It is time we dispensed with trying to judge the religious and spiritual life of people by the names, forms and numbers of the outer world. We must take such political, geographical and cultural barriers out of the realm of inner seeking, whose only real purpose is to connect us with the infinite.

Without this our inner life is an hypocrisy, a reflection of political or social biases. This religion of truth is not a thing of one life or our identity created within one incarnation. It is the real project of our soul from life to life. It is not one part of life but the essence and totality of our entire being in all our lives. Hence it sees the religions of this world as mere shadows of the religion of our soul which transcends time.

It addresses our needs as souls from incarnation to incarnation in the many different levels of enfoldment of our spiritual nature. It does not stop short at the appearances present in our current world context. It also teaches when relevant our connection with other worlds more subtle than the physical. Whereas western religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are very much this worldly or tied to this material incarnation, the dharmic traditions of the East are based on a much broader sense of who we are.


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