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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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Hinduism alone of the world's major religions is primarily self-based and self-reliant in both the inner and outer aspects of life and culture. It provides a rich and open field for the soul to grow with much to use on all levels. Its very richness is often its difficulty as there are in it so many paths to choose from, so many levels of participation, that it is possible to be led astray by secondary concerns or interests.

Such a great cultural field is important for a creative and spiritual global culture.  Hence behind the Yogic teaching is the whole Sanatana Dharma or eternal religion and its legacy of spiritual practices from all time. In addition is the culture of the Dharma which is useful in all spheres of our life. What is important is for us to continue that stream and use it in a creative way. 

This is neither to blindly follow or reject it. It is neither to become caught in its forms nor to fail to see their message. Vedic and Yogic science, therefore, are part of a religion and a culture. They are in fact the basis of all religion and culture. While their essence is in the spiritual their relevance is to the whole of life and it is to that complete picture of them we address ourselves here.


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About The Eternal Teaching: Sanatana Dharma
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