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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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It is this religion of truth which is emphasized here. It is not an organized belief but the emergence of consciousness. It has its order in life but an order which unfolds the creative and spiritual potentials of life, not one which casts a shadow over our heart. To enter into this stream of consciousness is not to take upon a new identity or role in the outer life. It is to step outside of the realm of images and roles. To follow this order is not to impose some rule or authority upon ourselves but to come into harmony with the rhythm of our own inner being. 

If there is truth in this, let it be adopted as we can. If there is no truth in this then let it be discarded as we wish. Truth always wins in the end, not untruth, as the Upanishads say. Though the present moment may belong to the forces of ignorance, to the truth belongs all eternity and all time must bow down before it.  

The measure of who we are in life is not how much we own or how people regard us. It is what portion of the eternal we have discovered in life, as that alone goes with us at death. That eternal is the universal and it is to discover this and enshrine it again within us that our journey proceeds.


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About The Eternal Teaching: Sanatana Dharma
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