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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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It does not make us subordinate to Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed or any other great figure but insists that we ourselves are as much the Divine as any other human being and that until we realize that we live in illusion.   Hence we could say it is the religion of individualism rather than a collective or group belief as most religions tend to be. It is the least organized of all religions. 

It borders on anarchism and allows almost anything which expresses an attempt to reach the Divine or the source of things.  Thus it is the religion most in harmony with the individual who wishes to go beyond organized belief. In this respect it is the most global of all religions because it can be adapted to any individual of any time or place, any religious or non-religious background, without any violation of their nature. 

Hindu children are not indoctrinated in any religion but allowed to choose their spiritual path from the great diversity the religion offers or even outside of that if they wish.  It emphasizes choosing and following a path, not what path we should follow.


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