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Appendix - Index Saivism - A Survey
Mysticism Of The cosmic Dance Emblems Of Siva
Temple Visit
Major Sections
Temples Of India
Lord Siva To Be Adored The Devalayas Of Karnataka
Palani Dhandhayudhapani The Kovils Of Kerala
The Temples of North-West India Temples For The Triple Sects
Mata Kanakadurga of Vijayawada The Legend Of Mata Kanyaka Parameswari
The Temples Of North-East India Mantralya Mahakshetra
The Aalayas of Andhra Pradesh The Mandirs Of Maharastra
Mighty Atoms For Tiny Tots Lord Siva Of Sri Kalahasthi
Bhagawan Vithoba Of Pandharpur Bizarre Beliefs And Odd Traditions
Asoka Priyadarsin The Mother Of Melmaruvathur And Her Miracles
Vishnu Mayam Jagat Sarvam Sakti Mayam
The Temples Of Tamilnadu Hindu Ethos In Capsules - Vol I

Hindu Ethos In Capsules - Vol II

Hullo Tirupathi !
Uthuthshta Govinda Cum Jo Jo Mukunda The Miracles Of Gods For The Debacles Of Humans
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In order to eradicate the three fold taint, viz., Karanika, Maya and Anava, the individual soul has to take Diksha, and done at the right time, he becomes pure. It prescribes eight aids Astavaranas for the protection and guidance of aspirant, and when followed strictly, he becomes fit to search for Truth. In addition to his adherence to the eight aids, like the Guru, Linga, Jangama, Padodaka, Prasada, Bhasma, Rudraksha and Mantra, he is enjoined to implement Brtyacara and Ganacara. Strict adherence to these accelerates his progress and ends with the disappearance of Anga individual self and gets united with the Linga, the universal self. The final union of Anga with the Linga is materialised with steadfast devotion, which evolves through six stages. Thus Virasaivism accords highest importance to the moulding of noble and divine life. Through Bhakti, gnana and kriya, the aspirant realises the Supreme Reality. Above all, Virasaivism never preaches nor counsels renouncing of the world, but lays utmost importance to the development of right ideals and pure living for achieving social equality and spiritual freedom. Though the state of Karnataka is its strong hold, it spread to far off states, particularly to Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh and is still commanding huge following.

Just as liquid takes the shape of the container, Lord Siva too appears in several forms, depending upon the angle of vision of the viewers. But Siva is Siva non-pariel in all. Would the fragrance of the ROSE differ with its daubing in colours various?

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