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Thirumalapuram - Venkateswara Aalayam

The oft-quoted proverb of this region is - "If possible go to Tirupathi, or else come to Tirumalapuram for worship". This establishes the supremacy of this kshetra and broadcasts its immaculate glory. The emergence of this Venkateswara has a fantastic background and proves that God's will alone prevails and man has to accept it with mute submission. This temple was built by two Deshpande brothers serving the feudal lords of Panugal. There were devout bhaktas and held in high esteem by all. Once by mistake the theft of chandrahara of the elder's wife was attributed to the brahmin cooks, who were out and out honest and as God-fearing as their masters. When threatened with dire consequences of hanging by the nearby tree, one of them hanged himself that night itself and the other took to flight. After funeral of the demised cook, the lost chandrahara was found near the pickle jar. This ominous incident had a chain of mishaps in the house and it robbed the peace to every one, and there was perpetual unenduring anguish caused by trifles even. So they went on a pilgrimage to expiate the sin of brahmahatya on the advice of their Kulaguru.

They came to Tirupathi and then occurred a great event that turned out the cause of the building of this famous temple. The elder's wife saw in the dream, the ghost of the innocent cook and said that he would follow them wherever they go and would leave them free, if only they build a temple for Venkateswara. The pious family at once ordered for a grand icon and they wanted to install it in a well- built temple in their place. But God willed otherwise. When they started their return journey with the blessings of their Kulaguru, the bullock cart refused to move, signifying the sacredness of this place, and suitable place for installation of the deity here. After deep deliberations, they decided to build a temple here and it was done. Thus came into existence this famous temple publishing to the world Sri Venkateswara's sports. In consequence, the family thrived well later. People who adored whole-heartedly were lifted and its fame spread far and wide soon like wild fire.

This temple is an independent, decent one with all parts, and agamic puja is offered regularly with periodical festivals are celebrated on a grand scale.

It lies in Tirumalapuram of Palamur district of Andhra Pradesh, commanding transport facilities.


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