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It is the potentially hostile tolerance of those who have different views but are unable to change one another. many Islamic thinkers consider that this statement of tolerance is abrogated by the verse on Jihad which encourages Muslims to actively strive to convert non-Muslims, using force if necessary. We find in the Koran no such statement that all religions are true that Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, and the indigenous religions of Arabia are as good as or equal to Islam. All other religions and their followers are frequently criticized.

According to the Koran, whatever value they may have had has ceased with Islam, which is meant to replace them. We should note that orthodox Muslims regard such non yogic traits of Mohammed as laudable. Nor do they see they see the necessity for yogic practices, since Mohammed himself did not do them. They do not dispute these facts but interpret them differently. They regard non-violence as a character weakness or lack of conviction and are proud of the conquests that Islam has made in its invasion of other countries.

Orthodox Muslims see Islam as a superior path to yogic teachings because it can led a person to God without requiring such disciplines as the yogic which, after all, very few people are able to really do. They regard Islam as a direct connection to God, which takes one beyond the need to perform yogic practices, should these be of any value at all. Yet the connection with God they seek is going to heaven or paradise, much like the Christians. It is not the Nirvana or liberation from the cycle of birth and death of yogic paths, which orthodox Muslims would regard as a delusion.


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