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The Life and Teaching of Mohammed

If we examine his life from Islamic traditional sources we see that Mohammed did not follow a number of yogic principles in his daily life. Nor was he taught yogic practices like mantra, Pranayama or meditation by a living master trained in such a tradition though he did not come into contact with various religious influences in the caravan world around him. He did not experience a situation like that found among the Himalayan yogis or in the great temples and monasteries of the Hindus and Buddhists where a complete yogic type training could be gained.

Mohammed knew little or nothing about Hinduism or Buddhism and their approaches, which he does not mention, and used the Biblical model to represent spirituality as a whole. Mohammed came into contact with a number of Jews and Christians, and with the Bible through them. His teaching was most influenced by the Old Testament and he appears to have styled himself after the Old Testament prophets and their struggles against the Pagan Philistines and Canaanites, in whose image his enemies and non-Muslims in general were portrayed, curiously including the Jews themselves.

While Christ reformed the Old Testament Law of an eye and a tooth for a tooth and instituted the idea of turning one's cheek a concept of non-violence that may have come from a yogic influence-Mohammed reintroduced the harsher law of the earlier era.  Mohammed began to receive his revelations after the late age of forty, before which he lived a fairly ordinary life. 


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