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The more orthodox Sufis participated in holy wars and led military expeditions in India, Central Asia and Europe. They were not universally mystics, nor was their mysticism always of a non-violent variety. They used force to promote Islam, which they perpetrated against the yogis and monks of India. Many Sufis today have the same opinions. As one Turkish Sufi who spoke recently in America remarked, "Islam has no place for pacifist vegetarians. 

Mohammed fought wars and ate meat."  Even famous medieval Persian Sufi poets like Attar, Omar Khayyam (for example, Rubaiyat 44) and Sanai, in their poems praised the Afghan King Mahmud of Ghazni as the ideal king and Islamic ruler for defeating the dark infidels and smashing their idols. These dark infidels were the Hindus and their great idol was the magnificent Somnath Shiva temple in Gujarat, one of their most scared sites, which Mahmud plundered as part of his devastation of the country and massacre of thousands of Hindus. 

Islamic writes saw Mahmud as a second Mohammed for his victory over the infidels and smashing their temples. To such Sufi poets, Mahmud was only another example of a pious Muslim destroying idolaters, such as the Koran approved. While perhaps they didn't know the real barbarism of what Mahumd did, they don't seem to have questioned such activity.


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