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Awaken Bharata


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Awaken Bharata

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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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Unfortunately this was not yet to be. Even the later phases of the Indian independence movement showed confusion and lack of leadership, contributing to the painful and bloody partition of the country. No real practical model was created how to rule or modernize such a vast country without losing its indigenous culture, strength and wisdom. Though India did become free of external slavery, it continued in intellectual slavery, imitating trends in Western thinking, particularly Marxism, while ignoring its own deeper and richer treasures, not only of the past but of its recent leaders.

India in fact internalized its previous enemies and Indians began to rule over their countrymen, not as their own people, but like foreign rulers following foreign ideologies, denigrating their own traditions, which they seldom cared to really study, much less practice, using the wealth of the country for their own personal benefit and profit. The result of this unfortunate turn of events is that after fifty years India has not had the hoped for reemergence but has stagnated and failed to take full advantage of independence. This is not to say that there have been no positive trends in the post-independence era or that such a more genuine revival can no longer occur but that the dominant powers of free India have been against the soul of India, not unlike previous colonial rulers.

The leaders of free India have not tried to awaken the country to its true soul and spiritual heritage but to bury it further.  Apart from a few slogans of peace and harmony of religions to insure votes from all communities, they have ignored the real spiritual traditions of the land and failed to honor them, much less practice them. However, partly because of the failures of the first fifty years of independence, there are signs of a new Hindu awakening and indications that this negative trend will be reversed. 

A Hindu revival is gaining strength every year, though it remains in its initial stages and is still hesitant in its movement. A decade or more may be required to enable it to mature, and several decades more to revive Bharata in the true sense, but it is now an unstoppable force. A resurgent Hinduism can no longer be ignored and now appears as the power of the future of the country and perhaps the planet as well, not merely its past. Let us look at the cause of the present malady and its possible cures so that this future can be hastened.


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