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Awaken Bharata


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Awaken Bharata

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Failure of Socialism

Modern India established itself in its constitution as a secular socialist state. The main idea of socialism is that the government helps the people and raises the poor through national policies, particularly nationalized industries and welfare policies. Such socialism is not a Bharatiya idea. It turns the state into a kind of God and its citizens into beggars seeking the favor of the government. It does not encourage independence and effort in the masses but turns them into children and wards of the state.                    

Leftist political leaders in India, as elsewhere, found that they could easily control such uneducated masses, fashioning them into vote banks under the promise of government rewards, which encourages the government to keep the people backward. The problem is that a government can only use the resources of the country gained by economic control and taxation. The result is that socialism stifles economic development and a large section of the country becomes dependent upon government favors, which further creates corruption and bribery.  This has happened to some extent in all socialist states but India is among the worst. The nation instead of raising all of its people together, has its different classes trying to feed off one another and fighting with each other for government patronage.

The same socialist leaders, used to a politics of vote banks and bribery, can easily adjust themselves to pay offs from multinational corporations, as we are now seeing in China and other communist countries as they open up to the capitalist world. In this way socialism can easily become the most corrupt form of capitalism. Instead the people must be awakened to their own initiative, which the government should help but not substitute for or manipulate to its own advantage. A Bharatiya model of social responsibility on a personal and community level must arise to avoid the excesses of either state socialism or capitalism.

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