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Awaken Bharata

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Failure to Create a Bharatiya Vaishya Model

Post-independence India tried to follow a Western socialist model and created in India all the problems that came to exist in Eastern Europe and other communist states, with a massive bureaucracy, stifling regulations, and rampant corruption and bribery. Only the fall of communism globally is gradually bringing socialism to an end in India with the global economy moving in to take its place. While this is generally an improvement there arises the new danger that India will imitate a Western capitalist model, which though better than socialism because it encourages independence and action, is still not a Dharmic model.

Capitalism causes one class of society, the rich, to exploit the others, and sets a commercial tone to society that undermines spiritual values and practices.  With multinational corporations coming in it places the country further under the rule of foreign cultural influences that have little affinity with India's great traditions. Yet in spite of socialism many Hindus in India have become wealthy and many overseas Hindus have done even better. However, they have seldom used their resources in a charitable way to either help society or their religion. They have been good at supporting local temples or their particular religious sect, but their charity has seldom functioned on a broader level. This has left Hindu causes lacking in funding, even though resources do exist among Hindus.

Therefore India needs an authentic Bharatiya Vaishya Dharma in which economic development, including private property, goes along with a strong sense of charity and social responsibility. A genuine Kshatriya is not enough without a Dharmic Vaishya class to support it. This means some degree of Swadeshi action, protecting the country from unscrupulous foreign economic exploitation, but not one that is so self-protective as to inhibit proper economic development or which excuses poverty, inefficiency, and lack of sanitation in the country that is not at all in harmony with its older cultural traditions.

Traditional models of Hindu affluence should be examined to counter the idea that Hinduism requires poverty and to provide a model of economic gain that is in harmony with Dharma. India can be a materially rich culture, clean and efficient, without having to be materialistic and sensate, lost in the pursuit of transient pleasure like the present Western world. Hindus must cultivate Lakshmi (prosperity), not for their personal benefit, but for all society as an offering to Vishnu (God) to support spiritual causes.

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