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The Indian philosophies also had their meditative practices to prove their main tenets. They cannot be understood on a purely conceptual or rational level without them. According to all the main philosophies of India reason can organize but not cognize truth, for that direct perception is required, which requires going beyond all mental preconceptions. 

All the basic concepts for these philosophies can be found in ancient teachings like the Rig Veda in seed form, hidden in mantras, symbols, rituals and stories. 

All the philosophies of India, including the non-orthodox Buddhist, Jain and Sikh teachings share the following points---- 

All hold that there exists a truth that is universal, infinite and eternal and it is the nature of consciousness itself. 

All hold that human beings are bound to a cycle of rebirth or reincarnation in ignorance of that truth. Our bondage is based upon ego and desire and results in suffering. It can only come to an end with the dissolution of ego and the renunciation of desire. Otherwise we will continue to be reborn until we have given up all desires.


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