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The Three Gunas 

Prakriti, Primal Nature, is said to consist of three qualities, called "gunas" or "ropes" as they are the factors of bondage. These are : the principle of light and lightness, called "sattva", meaning goodness or virtue; "rajas", the principle of energy or turbulence, literally referring to the storm; and "tamas" the principle of inertia and heaviness. 

Tamas is black and relates to the Earth and the night in the Vedic system. Rajas is red and relates to the Atmosphere and the Dawn. Sattva is white and corresponds to Heaven and the Day. 

All objects in nature are combinations of these three gunas. From them evolve all the other qualities we see in things, like hardness, softness, heaviness, lightness, heat and cold etc. All objects are nothing but collections of qualities. Hence there is no real object in itself other than consciousness. If we take the roof, floor and walls from a house, what house is left over? It is only an experience in the mind.


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