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Sattva is the natural quality of the mind, rajas of the life-force and tamas of the physical body. When rajas and tamas occur in the mind they become the factors of ignorance and dullness (tamas) and distraction and desire (rajas). All Yoga consists of reducing rajas and tamas from the mind to bring it to a state of pure sattva. Pure sattva or the mind in its natural state has the power to perceive the truth, to reflect the seer or the Purusha. 

The three gunas give us a system of understanding the quality or spiritual value in things. They are used for classifying all the things of our life; our food, thoughts, emotions, impressions, our beliefs and aspirations. 

Hence the Yogic diet always aims at taking predominately sattvic food, living in a sattvic environment, associating with sattvic people and having a generally sattvic life-style. Sattvic food is vegetarian, fresh, organic and prepared with love. A sattvic environment is natural, pure, quiet and harmonious. Sattvic people are possessed of love, faith, devotion, honesty and truthfulness.


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