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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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To this end of liberation we must follow the right values of truthfulness, non-violence, honest, purity, simplicity. 

We must practice yoga and meditation to achieve this through silencing the mind. Various great sages who have achieved this state have left us teachings to follow which must be adapted by each individual. 

Each of these teachings has its philosophical views. Not only do they refute the validity of each other's philosophy, they may refute the variant systems within their own tradition or religion. It was a style of debate in philosophy in medieval India to have to refute the validity of all views different from the philosopher's own and establish the sole rationality of his point of view. 

We should also note that in these earlier times communication was not as good as it is today and so miscommunication was easier. Today we find many of these arguments to be petty or merely semantic and are struck by the profound similarity and complementarity between these different systems of spiritual philosophy.


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