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Just as the practice of Yoga requires a special power or Yoga Shakti to facilitate it, so does the practice of mantra require a special Mantra Shakti for it to be effective. This is a conscious and creative energization of sound and meaning. It is something like the difference between poetry and ordinary speech. For mantra to work it must have at least as much creative empowerment as a good poem. To bring about this empowerment requires a special concentration of the mind. It may be aided by the grace of a teacher, by the power of an initiation. It may come from within by the power of our own insight, aspiration and connection with the inner guide. But without this creative vision behind the mantra, mantra may be no more than a form of self-hypnosis. 

When this energization of speech occurs we begin to find profound meanings in a few simple sounds. Sound becomes meaning and we do not need an idea to interpret the sounds of the mind. Such primary sounds as Om give rise to whole fields or spectrums of meaning. They break down the barrier of language and take us into the universal state of communication which is silence and peace.


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