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These Yogas of sound are not concerned merely with the gross articulated sounds. Four levels of sound are recognized in Vedic and Puranic literature. The Rig Veda (I.164.45.) states, "Four are the levels of sound. Three hidden in secrecy cannot be manipulated. Mortals speak only with the fourth". These four are called Vaikhari, Madhyama, Pashyanti and Para. Vaikhari dwells in the throat and is our gross, articulated sound. Madhyama dwells in the heart and is our mental pattern or idea behind the sound. Pashyanti means seeing. It dwells in the solar plexus.

It is the essential meaning behind the sound, its archetypal content. Para means the transcendent. It is the essence of all sounds. It dwells in the root chakra. (Note that the powers of sound dwell in progressively lower Chakras. This is not because they are progressively lower powers but because they have the power over progressively deeper and more difficult parts of our nature.) 

Hence the Yoga of sound is meant to take us back from our gross sounds to their idea content to the perception they represent and ultimately to the pure being behind that perception. It is not a process of merely saying sounds or thinking about words but tracing the origin of sound and meaning back to awareness itself by the power of meditation.


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