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Vedic and Classical Sanskrit 

It is mainly classical Sanskrit that is studied and in which most Sanskrit texts are written. But it is in the older Vedic language that the real power of Sanskrit lies hidden. The Vedic language gives the Divine Word and is intuitive in nature. The classical language is often highly intellectual and though much more profound than other languages seldom has the richness and creativity of the Vedic. Hence for really learning Sanskrit or the language of mantra it is important to study the Vedic language. In it is perhaps the key to all language and to the thought process of the Divine Mind. 

The most basic form of Sanskrit is the seed-syllables or bija mantras like Om. We can observe these in their original form behind the words of the Vedas. In the Vedic language they are still alive and interrelated. In the later language they retire into the background as custom gains a greater role in the meaning of words. In Tantric texts they are given separately and their action on the different parts of our nature is precisely described. These seed-syllables are not so much a part of a spoken language as a way of energizing the mind. As such they are universal and not limited to any particular spoken dialect, though all languages ultimately derive from them. We can learn them without learning the Sanskrit language or its grammar. In this way we can access the power of mantra without getting caught in the complexity of language.


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Vedic & Classical Sanskrit
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